The Wood Of Wicked Tongues Cover Art

The Wood of Wicked Tongues is a story involving friends who; disregarding an ancient warning, pursue a peculiar treasure concentrated in the most vicious woods on earth.

In this soundtrack you hear one playful scene in the story. The setting entails several friends playing a game in the family room. During the game one friend suggests that they could profit by an expedition to get TWoWT. In this soundtrack you hear another friend recite an ancient warning as he prances around the room in semi-serious opposition to the treasure-seeking proposal. A screenplay of this scene has been drafted and may become a video at some time in the future.

Until then — the clues are in this soundtrack — can you guess what the treasure is, and why some people seek to profit from it while "all wise creatures veer" it?

The Wood of Wicked Tongues soundtrack and the unwritten story from which it comes are family-friendly. You can see more of the author's creations on Photons Ride.

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